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eLearning, or online learning, is the delivery of concise training through multimedia, whether on the web, or on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. It gives the learner a greater level of control over how they learn the content, and this improves how much can be learned at any single sitting.

One of the advantages of multimedia based learning is that it also increases the opportunity for learner engagement, especially through gamification and immersive technologies like augmented reality.
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That’s why Smartwork Creative, which specialises in eLearning and instructional design, can help you get the most out of your content.

Smart Learning: The end goal

When eLearning is combined with the right behavioural metrics, metrics which are linked back to organisational objectives, we call that Smart Learning. Smart Learning enables you to connect your business/organisational goals to the behaviour of your learners.
Smartwork Creative makes sure that your eLearning is Smart Learning.
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Production capabilities

Smartwork Creative, a creative agency and production studio, has the necessary skills to build your content for the web as well as for mobile. We will make your content, engaging, adaptive, thorough.


  • Front-end developers who are experienced in Adobe Creative Cloud, Captivate, Bootstrap, WordPress and more
  • HTML, Javascript and CSS expertise
  • Experienced, user-centred designers
  • Skills in animation, video editing, diagram creation, photo & illustration editing
  • Augmented reality

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